Solar system

Texarkana Solar System

Save money on your monthly utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint with solar power. Here at  Service First Pro Electrical & Plumbing in Texarkana, AR, we offer a wide selection of solar-powered installations to help you think green, including solar panels, attic air fans, and outdoor solar lights. 

Solar panels
Solar panels absorb sunlight throughout the day and convert the sun's energy into electricity to power everything in your home. Our electricians will help you choose the right solar panels for your home to properly power your electrical system night and day. Because solar power is renewable, you never have to worry about not having the power you need, when you need it. Best of all, solar panels are becoming more affordable every year and all excess energy can be stored in a battery for days with minimal sunlight. 

Solar Attic Fan installation

The future is now, solar powered attic exhaust fans keep your attics cool, so your air conditioner works less, and you save big on your power bill. Currently, you also can get a 30% tax credit on the installed cost of your installed fan. Quiet operation and powered by sunlight, this is a nice addition to any Green minded person.

Solar Panels
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