Indoor & Outdoor lighting

Texarkana Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

At Service First Pro Electrical & Plumbing in Texarkana, AR, we pride ourselves on offering complete indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Our local electricians are happy to help you design the right lighting for your home and will even install lighting bought from retail locations. Whatever your lighting needs, rely on us to make your vision a reality.

Indoor Lighting

Lighting can effectively change and enhance any room in your home. Let our expert technicians offer lighting solutions including, but not limited to, track lighting, cabinet lighting, over cabinet lighting, recessed can lighting, hall lighting, accent lighting, direct lighting, and any other lighting needs as well as automation control of lighting. We even install innovative systems that allow you to turn on lights with your mobile phone or computer or a master switch that will turn on every light in your house. From dimming systems to new overhead lighting installation, our Texarkana electricians handle it all with ease.  

Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Add beauty and functionality to your existing exterior and landscaping using our outdoor lighting solutions such as security lighting, moon lighting, accent landscape lighting, pathway lighting, uplighting, and any other outdoor lighting needs. We install, repair and upgrade all levels of outside lighting, from 100 foot stadium lights to 6 inch accent lights and make it easy for you to control fountain pumps through automation and enjoy Christmas lighting that turn on at the same time.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
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